Aerodyne Transportation Receives Landstar’s Star of Quality Award

Landstar’s Vice President of Operations, Gregg Nelson, recognized Aerodyne Transportation, LLC for its “commitment to our values of safety and customer service excellence.”

Jackie and Kerr from the KFG Agency nominated Aerodyne for the Star of Quality award for making “Landstar shine.”  KFG’s direct customer, Jaime Anderson, wrote “I just wanted you to know that Alec was fabulous.  He was on time and polite and a pleasure to work with!”

“That particular load was especially memorable,” Costerus says.  “It was an early morning hookup to a customer’s trailer with a delivery in Casper, Wyoming.  The forecast was for up to a foot of snow.  It was one of those days when you knew it was going to be a tough slog of a day.  Nonetheless, I was prepared for those Winter conditions because I planned for it by doing a seasonal tire changeover from Summer fuel economy maximizing tread to a full-siped Winter tread design for my wide-based super singles.  I also carry a full complement of Pewäg square link traction chains.”

Featured on the back cover of the 2017 Rand McNally Motor Carriers Atlas, Costerus touts Rand McNally Trucking’s high-tech weather oveChicago-1[286] Back Coverrlapping.  “The section between Douglas and Casper, had been shut down several times during the night and earlier in the day due to accidents.  “But I had the real-time weather precipitation type and intensity superimposed on one GPS, while displaying the 30-40 mph crosswind overlaid on another GPS.  When I slipped a time or two on the snow-packed lanes, I could see that I was in the very worst of the weather along my route; not to worry, I knew that the conditions were not expected to deteriorate any further.  That information told me that I didn’t have to chain-up and could continue unabated.  Had I not been so technologically equipped and fitted with the right tires, I might have exited and disappointed the customer.

“There are a lot of Drivers who, ‘when it’s below 40 [degrees], they stay south of [Interstate] 40.’  There are also those who profess that if the weather is so bad that hanging iron is a possibility, they park the rig for another day, on the theory that ‘chains are to get out of a problem, not to get into one.’  That is certainly one business model, but not mine!  Our customers, our Landstar Agents, and in turn, their customers, all expect that we deliver their goods.  Nobody ever promised a sunny day.  Sometimes, you have execute on all the planning and preparation, to man-up and push on.  Our precise niche is doing that which others don’t want to, even when it’s unpleasant; otherwise, we are no better than the next Driver.  Average planning and ability begets average results, and below average earnings.  I’m not interested in average anything.”

“This was a prime example of planning your work and working your plan.  We naturally hope for the best, but with the elements, we must plan for the worst.  In the end, we delivered right on schedule; the customer and their customer never knew for the worse.  That is a vital attribute of what we do at Aerodyne.  We deliver more than just cargo freight; we deliver certainty.  If we, as partners in the supply chain distribution channel, fail to deliver certainty, then what do we have as a durable competitive advantage to differentiate us apart from our competitors?  That is but one example that sets us apart from our competition.

Thank you, Jackie and Kerr at KFG Agency, and Jaime at Stryker, for entrusting Landstar and Aerodyne to deliver your cargo.  We’re grateful for the opportunity and the honor of receiving the Star of Quality.

Leased to Landstar Inway, Inc., Aerodyne Transportation, LLC is a Colorado-based, over-the-road, long-haul carrier serving customers needs throughout the North American continent.  Aerodyne is proud to be an EPA Transport Partner with 100% EPA-designated Smartway equipment.  Photo courtesy of Rand McNally.

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